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Recast Your Favorite Flicks with The Remake Factory Hostage Situation Podcast

We are big movie fans at KC Geeks HQ. While we were courting back in the day, my husband and I would often see movies – I distinctly remember seeing “Star Trek IV: The Undiscovered Country” while we were in college (opening night, of course). Then before-kids, we often had movie weekends, where we would see multiple movies over two days. We don’t get out to see quite as many movies now, but still look forward to the big geek blockbusters.

After each movie, we usually recap it, going over our favorite parts, or what didn’t work for us, or even reimagining it with different actors. Patrick and Jason, on their Kansas City-based movie podcast do the same thing – every week.  Read on to find out their unique spin that makes them a little different than “movie guys doing a movie show.”

How would you remake some of your favorite movies now? Meet the hosts of the Remake Factory Hostage Situation movie podcast on KCGeeks.com!

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KCDesignCore Offers Sweet Creative Resources

I know my way around Photoshop Elements, creating 99% of the graphics for my personal website projects, and quite a few digital scrapbooking projects, but I am by no means a designer. I have worked with designers in previous jobs, and they are true masters at their craft. I watch them fly through various actions and tasks in Photoshop, and find myself mesmerized. If you’re looking for Kansas City graphic designer resources, including Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and other visually-oriented products – you need to check out KCDesignCore. Read on to find out about their copious Adobe swag, and annual photo walk!

Learn more about KCDesignCore, a Kansas City graphic designer resources meetup group, on KCGeeks.com!

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The History Chicks Podcast: Remembering the Ladies

Katherine of Aragon, Agrippina the Younger, Hatshepsut, Lillian Gilbreth… any of these names ring a bell? Likely not, as many of women’s names – and stories – are lost to history. But two Kansas City podcasters are determined those stories will not stay lost. Meet Beckett and Susan, aka The History Chicks. Read on to find out how Harry Potter and the Gilmore Girls fit into the mix.

Meet the History Chicks - a Kansas City based women's history podcast, on KCGeeks.com

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Kansas City Gaming Resource: Putting the Fan in FANatics

Video gaming is one of the more popular geek pastimes, but with price tags around $50 per game, it can also be one of the most expensive. It can be hard to know when a game lives up to the hype and is worth buying. That’s where gaming reviews come in handy. They can help you assess game play, functionality, duration, and more. Did you know that there is a Kansas City gaming resource that offers free reviews? Read on to learn more about FANatics website and digital magazine.

Looking for video game reviews? Check out Kansas City gaming community, Fanatics Gaming & Entertainment. Learn more on KCGeeks.com.

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What Does It Mean to be a Geek?

So often when I talk to people about this site, or going to the latest superhero movie, or whatever, I either see some sort of sneer, or a sheepish look, with the reply, “Oh, I’m not really into comics.” Like that’s all that being a geek entails. Read on to see if you recognize yourself.

What does it mean to be a geek? Find out on KCGeeks.com.

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