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Catch the Geek Beat with This Kansas City Podcast

I’ve been featuring podcasts for about eight months, starting back in February with The Worst. Comic. Podcast. EVER. My criteria is just that the podcasts must in some way be affiliated with Kansas City – they don’t have to be a Kansas City podcast, per se, but at least one of the hosts should live in the Kansas City area.

I do a lot of lurking on Twitter, looking for Kansas City podcasts/podcasters, which is pretty challenging, because for some reason, a lot of people on Twitter don’t like to list their location. So any time I see a Kansas City location, I feel like I’ve struck gold. I found Ryan Hodapp this way, of Geek Beat Manifesto Podcast – so I thank him for making my job a little easier. 🙂

Like all things pop culture, geeky, video game, movie, and comic book-related? Geek Beat Manifesto is for you! Read on!

Love all things pop culture, geeky, video game, movie, and comic book-related? Check out Kansas City podcast, Geek Beat Manifesto on KCGeeks.com!

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Analog Sunday = Sunday Funday!

My Contact Us form seems to be paying off. I have received a number of emails alerting me to some pretty cool geeky happenings in Kansas City, that wouldn’t have been on my radar otherwise. One such happening is Analog Sunday, another recurring monthly movie event hosted by Tapcade. Read on to find out how a demon sighting made the entire audience burst out in laughter!

Analog Sunday is a monthly movie event that celebrates the joy of lost VHS gems. Learn more about the events on KCGeeks.com!

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The Kansas City Time Lord Society Says Allons-y!

We all have our favorite fandoms and pastimes – and Doctor Who is among my top favs. We started with the 2009 reboot, and have watched all the new ones. We have only seen a handful of the old ones, but they’re definitely on our must-eventually-watch list. So when I heard there was a Kansas City Doctor Who group on Facebook, I immediately joined.

Today I introduce you to The Kansas City Time Lord Society. Read on to find out what makes this 1300+-member group unique! Allons-y!

Kansas City Doctor Who fans can join in on events and discussion with the Kansas City Time Lord Society. Learn more on KCGeeks.com!

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Educators and Employers Talk Tech Security at KC NICE Conference

There’s a reason Google chose to make Kansas City the first gigabit city. We are proudly part of the Silicon Prairie – big tech companies are headquartered here, and big thinkers make mind-blowing innovations happen daily.

But with all that technology, there’s an increasing need for security – and cybersecurity education. As a matter of fact, the demand for cybersecurity professionals is expected to grow 53% by 2018, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That demand will be directly addressed in the upcoming National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) conference and expo, which will be hosted next month right here in Kansas City.

I was recently contacted by a NICE representative, asking if I would help spread the word about the conference. In addition to adding the conference to our event calendar, I thought a full post was in order. Read on to learn about the vast variety of cybersecurity education programs NICE offers, and how they’re helping form a framework to empower the future of our country’s security network – including scholarships and student programs!

Learn about the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education and how they're helping to spread awareness and education about information security on KCGeeks.com

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Recast Your Favorite Flicks with The Remake Factory Hostage Situation Podcast

We are big movie fans at KC Geeks HQ. While we were courting back in the day, my husband and I would often see movies – I distinctly remember seeing “Star Trek IV: The Undiscovered Country” while we were in college (opening night, of course). Then before-kids, we often had movie weekends, where we would see multiple movies over two days. We don’t get out to see quite as many movies now, but still look forward to the big geek blockbusters.

After each movie, we usually recap it, going over our favorite parts, or what didn’t work for us, or even reimagining it with different actors. Patrick and Jason, on their Kansas City-based movie podcast do the same thing – every week.  Read on to find out their unique spin that makes them a little different than “movie guys doing a movie show.”

How would you remake some of your favorite movies now? Meet the hosts of the Remake Factory Hostage Situation movie podcast on KCGeeks.com!

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