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Kansas City Astronomy: Stargazing with the Astronomical Society of KC

As a young Girl Scout, I remember laying out in the empty field across from a co-scout’s house, and looking up at the stars, learning the various Kansas City astronomy constellations for a badge. Years later, when I attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison, I loved how different the night sky looked there.

While I still appreciate the beauty of the night sky, I must admit I don’t know much more than those Girl Scout beginner basics. The Astronomical Society of Kansas City could probably teach me a thing or two. Read on to learn more about this 80+-year-old group and events.

Kansas City Astronomy: learn about the Astronomical Society of Kansas City, and their monthly events on KCGeeks.com!

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Toss your balls with the KC Juggling Club

Often my life feels like one big juggling act – work, family, social life, (non-existent) exercise routine, blogging – it seems like a “ball” is bound to drop from time to time. Maybe I could use some pointers from Nick Civitello and the Kansas City Juggling Club. Grab your balls (and hoops and yo-yos and flaming sticks) and find out what makes this group feel like a family.

Grab your balls and join the Kansas City Juggling Club - learn more on KCGeeks.com!

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Boldly Go with the USS Valiant


As we look to new adventures in 2017, I thought it appropriate to highlight a group that is dedicated to boldly going in search of strange new worlds, new life, and new civilizations. That’s right – there’s a Kansas City Star Trek fan club, which operates the USS Valiant. A bold name for all that lies ahead. Read on to find out why the group is “like that odd family that you’re not real sure about, but secretly want to be a part of.”

The crew of the USS Valiant, the Kansas City Star Trek fan club chapter. Learn more about the group and their events on KCGeeks.com!

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Feeling Secure with SecKC

I believe I have mentioned that my daughter is interested in going into a career in information security, so when I learned that there is a Kansas City information security professionals meetup group, I mentioned it to her. She immediately RSVPd for the next meeting, and I tagged along. We got to meet and chat with the co-founders, and several members. Very welcoming and informative group! Read on to learn more about SecKC, and why their group is different from other Kansas City tech groups.

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Python KC Offers Resources for Kansas City Pythonistas

No matter whether you’re a newb, or a veteran at a skill or craft, it can help to get together with other enthusiastics to talk shop, get ideas, and share resources. Kansas City is home to its share of user groups, such as WordPress Kansas City, KCDesignCore, and Smarter SharePoint KC, and more. Python KC, a Kansas City Python user group, is another such resource. Read on to hear about their monthly, and quarterly meetings that draw up to 50 attendees!

Learn about programming in Python in PythonKC, the Kansas City Python user group, on KCGeeks.com.

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