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When I started listening to podcasts back in the day, I mostly looked for marketing or crafting topics, because those are my jam. But after a recent meandering through Twitter, looking for Kansas City-based podcasts to feature, I found the Can City Podcast guys. They do a comedy podcast, and had me cracking up within the first five minutes. The “chaotic” format Kyle describes below is pretty true to form, and is just part of the charm of their show. Read on to find out what else is weird about them.

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What is the name of your podcast?

Can City Podcast

How did you come up with the name for your show?

It’s what it sounds like when many people say “Kansas City”.  They just say it real fast or slur it due to a cocktail or two. (anecdotal personal evidence)

What is your name and what is your role in the podcast? Who else is involved?

I’m Kyle – I am one of the hosts, along with Josh and our producer/overall grown-up person Matty. And we can’t forget the support of our wives who have yet to listen to a single episode.

How would you describe your podcast? Who is your audience?

It’s a comedic podcast that isn’t devoted to a set format.  If anything, it probably comes off a bit chaotic.  We discuss light-hearted news related to KC, pop culture, music, movies.  It’s a bit all over the place.  On occasion we also get the privilege to interview local entrepreneurs, artists, influencers, and celebrities.

Based off feedback…the demographic of our audience is all over the place too.  The common thread seems to be they’re all delinquent idiots like ourselves and we love each and every one.

When was the podcast launched?

November of 2016

What made you want to launch the podcast?

Being a fan of the podcast format, Matty got the idea to start one himself but wanted me and Josh to host as well. He sent us both a text and we just showed up.

The three of us have been friends for eons and we tend to crack each other up no matter what the topic is.  We just decided to do it behind some microphones. We soon realized it was a good platform to showcase our overall ignorance of everyday facts, and vast knowledge of nonsense and worthless trivia.

Can City Podcast hosts Josh, Matty, and Kyle - read about their comedy podcast on!
Can City Podcast hosts Josh, Matty, and Kyle

How often do you publish shows?

Weekly, sometimes twice per week depending on guest scheduling.

What do you discuss in your shows?

We read personal ads and offer unhelpful advice, talk about random nerd stuff, movies, local KC happenings, etc. We also interview comedians, local celebrities, and overall interesting people who are way more intelligent than we are.

What about those topics interest you?

It’s cool learning new things from our guests, and being able to be our twisted selves for the world to hear. Josh and Matty have taught me a lot about the comic book universes and how they tie into popular movies.

How long are your shows?

Typically around 45min – 1 hour’ish. Every once in a while we do a two part episode, or short “cut stuff” episodes for our ADHD listeners.

What do you love about your show?

I like being able to talk to super interesting and funny people. Our show is unique in that we have a sense of humor, but we can have serious conversations with professionals in their fields. We also have top notch guests on, and the hosts are studs with huge muscles.

Tell us about a particularly memorable moment in your show.

It’s hard to say…our episodes are all very entertaining. Plus I have a poor memory, but I’d say our Jeff Dye episode was my personal favorite. One of the funniest.

Comedian Jeff Dye with the hosts of Kansas City-based Can City Podcast - read more about their antics on!
Comedian Jeff Dye, and Can City hosts Josh and Kyle

What podcasts do you enjoy listening to?

I’ve listened to all the top comedy shows and many local KC podcasts, but I really enjoy Harmontown, Joe Rogan’s, Nerdist, and Russell Brand. My personal favorite has to be My Brother My Brother and Me. It may be the most similar style of humor to ours.

What future plans lay ahead for your show?

We are hoping to do more with the comedy circuits and have more local celebrities on. After we have dominated the city, we plan on taking over the world. Or at least maybe going to St. Louis for the weekend…

Where can someone find more information about your podcast?

Facebook: @CanCityMedia
Twitter: @CanCityMedia
Instagram: @CanCityMedia

What’s something you love about Kansas City?

The extreme weather mostly, but also the food…we have some of the best food anywhere. I also really like the booming art/nerd scene. The people here seem to love the city as much as we do and it really comes across on the show.

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