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Kansas City Podcasts: DCTV Squadcast and Fans Without Borders

In this post, you get a two-fer. I met Brent Clark via social media, and learned he is co-host of not one, but two geeky podcasts based out of Kansas City! Read on to find out why their official motto is “It’s okay to like them all.”

Read about DCTV Squadcast and Fans Without Borders, two Kansas City podcasts, on KCGeeks.com!

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Talking Movie Trailer Trash

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One of my husband’s favorite things to do is call me into his office/man-cave at about midnight to watch movie trailers. Together we oooh and aaaah over forthcoming flicks, or look at each other and wonder how something ever made it to production. There’s another Kansas City couple that shares this interest – which they then share with others in the Movie Trailer Trash podcast. Read on to learn about this movie review podcast, and why it may earn you weird looks from strangers.

Movie Trailer Trash movie podcast - read more about it on KCGeeks.com!

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Getting Down to the Wire with the Hamsterdam Podcast

I recently received an email from one of the hosts of a Kansas City-based podcast on the TV show “The Wire,” which he described as “either the greatest television drama ever, or that cop show your friends never shut up about, depending on who you ask.” Chuckling over his description, I followed up for more information on his podcast. Read on to find out about his co-host’s secret identity and the net worth of 90s rap artist Fredro Starr.

Get down to the wire with the Hamsterdam podcast on KCGeeks.com!

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Comedy Chaos: Can City Podcast

When I started listening to podcasts back in the day, I mostly looked for marketing or crafting topics, because those are my jam. But after a recent meandering through Twitter, looking for Kansas City-based podcasts to feature, I found the Can City Podcast guys. They do a comedy podcast, and had me cracking up within the first five minutes. The “chaotic” format Kyle describes below is pretty true to form, and is just part of the charm of their show. Read on to find out what else is weird about them.

Read about Kansas City-based Can City comedy podcast on KCGeeks.com!

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How Big is Your Platform?

One feature I’ve come to enjoy about KC Geeks is featuring podcasters – they’re all so passionate about their topic, whether it be traditionally “geeky” or not. We’re all geeks about something. Take Shane Purnell, for example. He loves helping people define and expand their brand and visibility platform. I met him when he spoke at a WordPress KC meetup, and the guy knows his stuff. Read on to find out what he thinks is essential to carving out your platform.

Kansas City-based The Platform Giant podcast helps people gain visibility online. Meet host Shane Purnell and learn how on KCGeeks.com.

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