Grab Your Pixie Dust and Visit Neverland!

Ever wish you could revisit the nostalgic days of childhood – filled with Legos, classic movies, mix tapes and treasured comics? Ever wish you didn’t have to grow up? (Why do I bother asking – most geeks I know do not fit the term “grown-up”…) Jeremy of Kansas City-based The Neverland Podcast fits this bill, […]

Why Ask Why? Because Mysteries Persist…

Murders, myths, monsters, miscarriages of justice…have I piqued your interest? Then you’ll want to check out the Generation Why podcast hosted by Aaron and Justin, who live in Kansas City and Raytown, respectively. Theirs is a true crime podcast that touches on all of the above, and more. Read on to find out what real-life […]

Catch the Geek Beat with This Kansas City Podcast

I’ve been featuring podcasts for about eight months, starting back in February with The Worst. Comic. Podcast. EVER. My criteria is just that the podcasts must in some way be affiliated with Kansas City – they don’t have to be a Kansas City podcast, per se, but at least one of the hosts should live […]

The History Chicks Podcast: Remembering the Ladies

Katherine of Aragon, Agrippina the Younger, Hatshepsut, Lillian Gilbreth… any of these names ring a bell? Likely not, as many of women’s names – and stories – are lost to history. But two Kansas City podcasters are determined those stories will not stay lost. Meet Beckett and Susan, aka The History Chicks. Read on to […]