Since I started KC Geeks at the end of last year, I’ve been attending a number of different Meetup and networking groups, to try to make the most of my site. I recently joined The Blog Guild, which is a group of Kansas City bloggers who band together to ask questions, offer support and share blogging resources.

It was through The Blog Guild that I met Cindy Newland, author and blogger at We hit it off immediately, and discussed opportunities for guest posts on each other’s blogs. Because¬†she isn’t a huge Star Trek fan, I was so impressed with the amount of research she put into creating a geeky Star Trek recipe – some of the trivia she references I didn’t even know! Perhaps we’ll turn her into a Trek fan, yet!

I’ll let her tell the rest of the story. Make it so.

Star Trek recipe: Cream of Spinach soup

(Did you notice she folded the napkin in the shape of the Star Trek Delta Shield?? Bonus geek points!)

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