Coding & Cocktails Pairs Lady Devs with Happy Hour

We’ve featured Kansas City Women in Technology (KCWiT); we’ve featured their program, Coding & Cupcakes, for mothers and daughters. Now it’s time to introduce you to their adult program, Coding & Cocktails. Talking coding with cocktails in hand?? Sign us up! Read on to find out how women interested in Kansas City coding are getting their #ladydev on!

Are you a woman working in Kansas City coding? Learn about front-end web development with Coding and Cocktails on KC Geeks.

What is the name of your Kansas City coding group?

Kansas City Women in Technology, Coding & Cocktails

What is your name and what is your role in the group?

Tamara Copple, co-Director for Coding & Cocktails

How would you describe the Kansas City Coding & Cocktails group?

Under the umbrella of KCWiT, we feature a program to introduce women to front-end development languages and tools.

Are you a woman working in Kansas City coding? Learn about front-end web development with Coding and Cocktails on KC Geeks.

When was the group founded?

2015 was our inaugural year, with 4 sessions offered.

What made you want to found the group?

KCWiT has been around for two years but I went to the first Coding & Cocktails and was hooked.  I asked KCWiT founder Jennifer Wadella to plug me in wherever she needed me in the organization, and she asked me to be the co-Director for the Coding & Cocktails program with my partner, Sarah Duitsman.

How big is the group?   

We have capacity for up to 30 women per session, and average about 23.

How often do you meet?

Coding & Cocktails is a monthly event, but KCWiT has several events every month.

Where do you meet?

Coding & Cocktails is hosted by The Nerdery downtown, who have been great supporters.

What do you do at meetings?

At Coding & Cocktails we teach women basic front end languages like CSS and HTML, along with other development tools and give them opportunities to practice while they have one-on-one access to our mentors, who are women already in software or other tech positions.

Are you a woman working in Kansas City coding? Learn about front-end web development with Coding and Cocktails on KC Geeks.

What do you love about the group? What makes it unique?

What sets us apart from other bootcamps in the city, besides the minimal cost, is that women can come and dabble in a safe and supportive environment, and decide whether they want to continue pursuing a new skill set in coding. If they do, great. They keep coming and each month will learn something new. If not, that’s fine too because at least they know that there are other women in STEM careers (software development in our case) and are able to see them in a critical mass. That visibility may help those women to encourage their own daughters to go into STEM careers, even if they do not choose to do so themselves.

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Tell us about something particularly memorable about Coding & Cocktails.

One of the most memorable things about our program are the custom cocktails our caterer Laura Wagner concocts, always with geeky/nerdy names.  She invents something new – and always delicious – for us every month.

What future plans lay ahead for this Kansas City coding group?

In 2015 we proved that there was interest enough to continue the program. This year, we have introduced a 12-month arc of topics that center on a web site development project that grows with the participants’ skills as they pick up the basics of Git, JavaScript, CSS compilers and so on.  By the end of the year, those that stick with it should have the beginnings of a decent online portfolio to show prospective employers.

Where can someone find more information about your group?

Anything else you’d like to share?

We have a team – – that one can join by sending a request to codingandcocktails[at]kcwomenintech[dot]org.

Editor’s Note: The next Coding & Cocktails event is coming up August 13th!

Editor’s Note 2: Are you a lady dev(eloper) in Kansas City? Do you feel like you are supported in your career? Describe your experience as a female in STEM in Kansas City, with a comment below.

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