Kansas City Cosplay: Ellie from Last of Us Part II

Fresh Cut, Fresh Scab, Dark Blood…. Kansas City cosplayer PrincessHarv uses all of these and more in her most recent cosplay makeup tutorial for Ellie in the video game, The Last of Us Part II. Read More to see the full tutorial video, including the exact products she used to achieve the war-torn look.

PrincessHarv, a Kansas City cosplayer, offers an Ellie cosplay makeup tutorial from Last of Us Part II. See the full video on KCGeeks.com!

Amber Harvey, aka PrincessHarv, is a local Kansas City cosplayer (and makeup aficionado) who I follow on her various social media channels. I recently reached out to her to see if she would be interested in creating a cosplay makeup tutorial in time for Halloween, as well as the upcoming Kansas City Comic Con. She graciously agreed, and here you go! Seventeen+ minutes of great cosplay makeup tips from a real pro!

Moar cosplay!

Are you a Kansas City cosplayer with makeup/cosplay tutorials to share? Email me at info|at|kcgeeks[dot]com and I may feature your video on the site!

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Angie Pedersen

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