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Video gaming is one of the more popular geek pastimes, but with price tags around $50 per game, it can also be one of the most expensive. It can be hard to know when a game lives up to the hype and is worth buying. That’s where gaming reviews come in handy. They can help you assess game play, functionality, duration, and more. Did you know that there is a Kansas City gaming resource that offers free reviews? Read on to learn more about FANatics website and digital magazine.

Looking for video game reviews? Check out Kansas City gaming community, Fanatics Gaming & Entertainment. Learn more on KCGeeks.com.

Please introduce yourself.

I am Mitchell Cole and the Owner/Founder of FANatics Gaming & Entertainment.

When did you get into gaming and what do you love about it?

I have been gaming since 1987 when I was 5 years old beating Super Mario on the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Video games are an outlet for many people across the world and I was no exception. I grew up out in the countryside while most of my school friends lived in the smaller city itself. Playing out in the woods and playing video games were my best friends back then when I did not have many friends.

Tell us about your website, FANatics Gaming.

The FANatics Gaming website is but an extension of a larger overall mission to provide gamers with honesty and value. The website is arguably the most important aspect of our mission as its reach has the largest potential. The website mission is to provide a gamer with a quality game review that can be trusted as honest since we make it a point to purchase all of our games. No bought reviews here! If it’s a great game, buy it; if it’s a bad game, avoid it!

Another growing attraction of the website is the Media Partners page in which we also promote fellow gamers on Youtube and Twitch to our audience.

What made you want to create such a community?

I was tired of the ‘corporate sell-out’ review mags and websites that flame the console wars in my opinion, most notably with hate for Nintendo as of late, while inflating scores on big name games in return for ad-space. As a matter of fact, I originally named the company The Nintendo Gaming as I am a big “N” fan but soon realized I love gaming period. I enjoy gaming on all platforms and felt that these game journalists focused more on paid-for ad-space from big market developers than promoting quality games for ALL gamers.

At FANatics, we review and score a game but also make sure to state that just because one of us did not enjoy a game, another gamer may enjoy it immensely.

Who is on your team and what roles do they play?

I am the one who brings it all together, wearing many hats. I have two other game reviewers and a graphics design artist I work with for any needed artwork.  I have learned that it takes time to find the right people in the right seat, as many gamers just want to play games versus taking review notes or promote their own released work.

What future plans lay ahead for your Kansas City gaming organization?

We have recently begun creating a larger presence locally in our backyard of Kansas City and surrounding areas by attending trade shows in the video games, anime, and cosplay industries and networking with other great companies and fans too! We offer a $1 raffle for some great prizes such as when we gave away a brand new Nintendo Wii U to one lucky contestant!

Beyond the tradeshows, we will continue to grow our benefit program from infancy as FANatics Gaming is committed to helping gamers save their hard-earned money whenever possible. Our website, magazine, and reviews will continue to be our connection to the pulse of the gaming world.

Where can someone find more information about FANatics Gaming? 

Anything else you’d like to share?

I’d just like to thank all those who have supported our efforts and the fans who have found us along the way. We are gamers just like you. We are independent and proud of it! Gamers Unite!

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