A Celebration of Makers at Maker Faire Kansas City

Last month, Maker Faire Kansas City made its appearance, and I made sure I was there. It’s produced by Maker Media, publisher of MAKE: magazine, and host of Maker Faires all around the world. Maker Faire describes their events as a “gathering of fascinating, curious people who enjoy learning and who love sharing what they can do.” Sounds like a geek gathering ground to me! Read on to find out what makes it such a unique event.

KC Geeks editor recaps what makes Maker Faire Kansas City such a unique event

Maker Faire Kansas City has been hosted at Union Station for several years. So for the Geek Girl Brunch-KC June event, we had a quick picnic at the nearby Liberty WWI Memorial, then walked across the street to the Faire.

KC Geeks recaps Maker Faire Kansas City 2016

We saw DIY science experiments, robots, examples of urban farming, geek crafts, sustainable projects, alternative energy cars, Tesla coils (that make MUSIC), cosplayers, and so, so much more.

My daughter and I were there about three hours, and we only hit the inside booths. Since it was roughly the temperature of the sun outside, we didn’t see many of the outdoor booths. Hopefully the weather will be more amenable next year.

Every booth tantalized geeks and non-geeks alike, with art made from recycled materials, “I never thought of that” DIY demonstrations, mind-blowingly brilliant kids’ science projects, and more. I particularly liked seeing the kids’ science projects, which seemed a new offering this year. One kid decided he didn’t like that prosthetic hands were so expensive, especially for kids who outgrow them so often, so he figured out how to design one using a 3D printer. Another young woman used a 3D printer to design a containment tool to help with computer cable management.

I’ve gathered a few pictures below to try to give you a sense of what Maker Faire Kansas City is all about. The event seemed to perhaps have a few less tables this year, but the crowd was still elbow-to-elbow.

Find out what makes Maker Faire Kansas City such a unique event

Watch for next year’s Maker Faire Kansas City – it’s usually in a Saturday-Sunday in late June, and you definitely don’t want to miss feasting on all the geeky goodness!

Did you make it to this, or a past, Maker Faire Kansas City? What were your favorite demos/booths/events/speaker sessions? Did the heat keep you inside or did you make it outside, too? I’d love to hear about your experience in the comment section below!

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