Walkin’ & Rollin’ Costumes Create Cosplay with a Cause

Look around at any con, movie premiere, or pretty much the entire month of October, and you’ll get an eyeful of costumes. From superheroes, to book and TV characters, to princesses and knights in shining armor, everyone gets a chance to be someone else, at least for a little while. But wheelchair costumes? Not so […]

Kansas City Cosplay: Another Castle Creations

In a previous post, I highlighted KC Cosplay and Photography, a group of cosplayers who love to get together at conventions dressed as their favorite characters from TV, movies, books, comics, anime, and more. KCCP isn’t the only cosplay game in Kansas City, however. With thousands of local cosplayers and multiple Kansas City geek conventions, […]

KC Cosplay & Photography

Visit any sci-fi/fantasy/anime/fandom con(vention), and you’re likely to see plenty of folks decked out in elaborate costumes. Many of them spend countless hours working on the fine details of clothing, accessories, props, headgear, and makeup, striving to make the costume as realistic to the character’s as possible. Dressing up in costume as a specific character […]