MidAmeriCon II/Worldcon 2016 Recap!

Kansas City was recently host to the 74th World Science Fiction Convention. Worldcon is sort of like the Olympics or World Cup, in that different cities around the world bid on hosting the convention, and this year it was held in Kansas City. I attended Worldcon to help represent my husband’s fantasy adventure series, Angst, so I […]

Kansas City Book Club: Get your read on with KaCSFFS Literati

In the early days of this blog, I featured the Kansas City Science Fiction & Fantasy Society (KaCSFFS). In addition to hosting ConQuesT, did you know they also have an off-shoot Kansas City book club? It’s called the Kansas City Science Fiction & Fantasy Literati. You should check them out, because who doesn’t love adding […]

Adventures in Scifi Publishing Podcast

Working in social media, I make a point of attending Social Media Club of Kansas City (SMCKC) breakfasts, and connecting with other people in the social scene in Kansas City. I connected with Brent Bowen via Twitter, then we met up at ConQuesT and a SMCKC breakfast. When I heard about the podcast he produces, […]

Kansas City Science Fiction & Fantasy Society (KaCSFFS)

My husband is an indie fantasy-adventure author, and attends multiple cons throughout the year to promote his books. One event he regularly attends is ConQuesT, a local Kansas City con that is hosted by the Kansas City Science Fiction and Fantasy Society (aka KaCSFFS). I recently caught up with their Communications Officer to learn a bit more […]