Introducing The Top 10 Raw Deals in Supernatural

Allow me to introduce you to Brent and Becca Bowen of I know Brent from his days on the Adventures in SciFi Publishing podcast, as well as the Kansas City social media scene. Since we have similar geek interests, he offered to write some guest posts for KC Geeks. First up – a round-up of The Top 10 Raw Deals in “Supernatural,” written mostly by his wife, Becca.

{SPOILER ALERT: this post contains references to seasons 1-4 of Supernatural.}

Brent and I love The CW show Supernatural (originally on The WB). We were late-comers to the series and almost abandoned the show based on the shear volume of episodes — the show is AFTER ALL in its 13th season!

But we have kept with it and currently binge it on Netflix. We automatically think to put Supernatural on when we happen to be home sick, we are on the couch for a lazy Sunday, or we need a low-key 45 minutes of entertainment. We even throw on old episodes we’ve previously watched when we need background while organizing the house. They cover some urban legends like “Bloody Mary” or a lucky rabbit’s foot (that episode is hilarious — especially when Sam’s luck changes after he loses the foot).

The show draws us in because of the main characters (Sam and Dean Winchester) and their brotherly banter. The episodes also can go from super creepy to laugh out loud funny, so they hit a number of buttons.

Supernatural Doles Out Some Serious Raw Deals

We also really enjoy a good Supernatural list. There is the funniest things ever said on Supernatural list or the scariest Supernatural episodes list.

But one day Brent and I were chatting about the John Wick-level body count on the show. And it got us to thinking that A LOT of people get a REAL RAW DEAL.

In almost every episode, you can expect any number of people to be possessed by demons. At some point, in a Season 3 or 4 episode, the show seemingly explains away the deaths of all these innocent human souls by saying that possession leaves them worse for wear. By our spitball calculations, if a demon possesses a person, then they’ve got … maybe … a 20% chance of living beyond their “host” status.

Brent (He): Have we ever searched to see if there is a Supernatural drinking game? When a demon goes down, take 1 drink. If it gets expelled without a death, take 2.

These are some innocent people! We felt especially bad for the people in a small Oregon town in the Season 2 episode “Croatoan.” Even the most prepared go down in that episode.

With that in mind, we couldn’t ever recall seeing a “raw deal” list. So here’s our Supernatural list of the worst raw deals in Seasons 1-4 …

Top 10 Raw Deals in Supernatural, Seasons 1-4

10. Mary, the Winchester Boys’ Mother – “Pilot” (Season 1, Episode 1)

To kick off the series, Mother Mary gives inciting incident a whole new meaning when she bursts into flames on the ceiling of their Lawrence, KS, home. You discover later that she was a hunter, so in retrospect you get why her days were numbered. But that initial shock of small children losing their mother in a horrific way. C’mon.

9. Jessica Moore, Sam’s girlfriend – “Pilot” (Season 1, Episode 1)

Jess also ended up in flames on the ceiling. But she REALLY got a raw deal because she had no idea what she was getting herself into by dating Sam Winchester.

Brent (He): She also got a raw deal because her SFX were some of the worst I’ve seen on the show. Plastic mannequin anyone?

8. Dr. Cara Roberts – “Sex and Violence” (Season 4, Episode 14)

The good Doc spills her guts about her divorce, gets it on with Sam and then the brothers(Dean anyway) mistakenly suspect she’s the siren. Even after she’s vindicated, Sam ends up ditching town and dumping her without so much as a phone call.

Brent (He): Yeah. That surprised me. Not calling like that … such a “Dean move.” Perhaps this WAS THE SIGN Sam had turned to the dark side.

7. Ronald Reznick – “Nighshifter” (Season 2, Episode 12)

Dean and Sam pretty much toe tag the quirky conspiracy theorist themselves. First, they get his conspiracist hopes up before shutting him down, all but ensuring he’ll investigate further. And when he does, they enlist his help in their plans. This literally puts him in the line of fire — a police swat team drilling him with a rifle shot.

We really liked this character because he was convinced “mandroids” were invading the earth.

6. Alan J. Corbett – “Ghostfacers” (Season 3, Episode 13)

The “Ghostfacers” cook/intern really got a raw deal. He makes his love for one of the Ghostfacers leaders known. He would do anything to assist them. His were all the menial jobs, like grabbing coffee for the crew and setting up equipment. But he also ends up committing the ultimate sacrifice — taking a spike through the throat so the rest of the clueless Ghostfacers crew could live.

Brent (He): At least the Winchester boys erased the exploitative video.

5. Ava Wilson – “Hunted” (Season 2, Episode 10)

Unassuming Secretary Ava Wilson learns she has psychic abilities and loses her fiancé, Brady, after saving Sam’s life. Then she later gets killed when she is enlisted in the Demon “Special Child” version of the Hunger Games. Yeah…she never asked for her gifts — or had a chance battling the likes of Sam.

Brent (He): And I’m not sure her poor fiancé ever made it out of bed that episode.

4. Andy Gallagher’s Mother – “Simon Said” (Season 2, Episode 5)

More fire! Andy’s evil twin brother, Ansem, gets a kick out of commanding people to kill themselves. And this time, it’s their mom who gets it. The poor woman sets herself on fire.

3. Molly McNamara – “Roadkill” (Season 2, Episode 16)

Molly and her husband wreck their car in a highway accident. The husband goes missing. This poor woman searches for him the entire episode only to find out that she’s the one who didn’t survived the accident. She is a ghost haunted by the spirit of the man she killed in what was a fateful car accident. And that missing husband? Molly discovers (after what ended up to be 15 years of searching) that … he’s alive. But the kicker … he has since moved on, remarried.

2. Pamela Barnes – “Lazarus Rising” (Season 4, Episode 1)

First, the fun-loving psychic has her eyes burned out — by an angel no less. And then — in her second act of altruism — demons stab her to death when she comes to the Winchester’s aid in “Death Takes A Holiday” (Season 4, Episode 15).

“I told you I didn’t want anything to do with this. Do me a favor? Tell that bastard Bobby Singer—to go to Hell for ever introducing me to you two in the first place.” — Pamela Barnes, blood gurgling from her mouth, to the Winchester boys.

Brent (He): At least through this sacrifice we learn that tramp stamps do go to heaven. At least the wikis say so.

1. Sam Winchester (Seasons 3-4)

Surprise. Surprise. He takes the top spot. He qualifies as the No. 1 Raw Deal because Ruby lead him to believe he had to drink demon blood to gain the strength he needed to defeat Lillith and keep her from opening the last seal.

But in actuality…

Sam killing Lillith is EXACTLY what opened the seal to let Lucifer himself out. So … the moral of this story is you can NEVER trust a demon. That should go without saying. But Sam thought he was doing the right thing and bought the lies for two entire seasons.

Current episodes of Supernatural air Thursdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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