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Superhero Movies, by the Numbers [INFOGRAPHIC]

Katie at SeatUp.com recently reached out to me to share a super-cool superhero movie infographic they created, and I knew you’d all love to see it, too. Captain America, Avengers, Wonder Woman…who do you predict tops the list?

The Top 20 superhero movies ranked by box office earnings - see the infographic at KCGeeks.com!

In the beginning, there were comic books. Now, there are blockbusters, tv shows, toys, games, LEGO versions, and more comic books. The superhero fandom, or shall we say industry, has developed into surely one of the most profitable (and most popular) branches of “showbiz” industry.

Fans get new comic books just like before and still read them religiously – they are where it all began and where it all develops first, after all. But, now we have new superhero-themed movies coming out more than once per year. The two big universes – Marvel and DC – seem to have set some kind of a goal to make a movie, or TV show, about every superhero and/or villain appearing in their comics.

Just this year saw 4 superhero movies hit the cinemas (Wonder Woman, Guardians Of The Galaxy 2, Logan, Spider-Man: Homecoming) with Thor: Ragnarok and Justice League coming up as well, and even more releases planned up until the year 2020. And, let’s not forget fantastic TV shows covering the “less popular” superheroes as well!

People can’t seem to get enough of all of this, and SeatUp.com has compiled the numbers to prove it. The infographic below shows exactly how popular superhero movies are, and which ones gather the biggest audience and the most money. It lists the top 20 starting from the chronologically first Spider-Man movie and ending with the latest edition of Spidey. There are ratings included from the biggest movie rating sites, as well as the number of theaters that showed the movie. Did your favorite make it in the top 20?

The Top 20 superhero movies ranked by box office earnings; compiled by SeatUp.com - see the infographic at KCGeeks.com!

Click the image above to see it full-size!

Editor’s Note: As mentioned at the beginning of the post, SeatUp.com reached out to me to see if I would be interested in sharing this infographic. I did not receive any compensation from them. But poking about their site, they do have some cool home theater and gaming chairs you might want to check out!


KC Creator: Levi Hoffmeier


Kansas City Cosplay: Ellie from Last of Us Part II


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