Zenfold: Kansas City Indie Game Review

I recently received a request to review Zenfold, a mobile puzzle game created by a local team called Overhook Games. Not being an avid gamer, I turned to Mitchell Cole, owner & founder of (also local) FANatics Gaming & Entertainment for his expert opinion. Read on to find out why he calls Zenfold “devilishly fun.”

Game review of Zenfold, created by Kansas City-based indie game developers, Overhook Games. Learn more on KCGeeks.com!

Developer & Publisher: Overhook Games
Platform: Android, IOS
Mode: Single-player, Multiplayer
Genre: Puzzle – Origami
Available Now
Free to Play

“It’s a meditative puzzle game inspired by origami and tangrams.”

Example of Zenfold, a mobile game app developed by Overhook Games, based in Kansas City. Read a review on KCGeeks.com.

Zenfold is a mobile game from Kansas City local, Overhook Games. Solve simple to complex puzzles, following a guideline for the completed shape. Over 100 different puzzles across 10 unique worlds are included.

Simple Yet Effective

Zenfold plays as a simple puzzle game stylized after the popular hobby, origami. Progress you way through puzzles including animals, diamonds, & other shapes that become increasingly more difficult as you move on. The first 3 worlds are free-to-play and is a great demo to help you decide if you want to pay the extra $0.99 to unlock each subsequent world thereafter.

The graphics are simple but lovely. I enjoyed the color palette swap feature and felt that for such a simple game, the look is clean and each origami piece you create is easily identifiable. Controls are a breeze to learn and use. Simple swipes are responsive to each piece-set for each puzzle. Players begin to catch on and will find themselves following the pattern with detail.

Examples of Zenfold puzzles - read a game review on KCGeeks.com.


The soundtrack for Zenfold is only so much and many times, trite and overly-repetitive. At one point during my playthrough, the audio stopped playing and I found I was able to focus more without the music for distraction. For a base, free-to-play model, it is no more than I would expect however.

A personal misgiving I experienced was that I felt Zenfold made origami unrealistically too simple with a few folded squares and, in 30 seconds, you have a beautiful digital origami piece that you could never have made so easily in real life. I feel it would’ve been an even better app for teaching you how to create origami rather than just a game based upon a origami puzzle game.

Overall: B

Story: D | Graphics: A | Audio: B- | Replay: A | Controls: A

Overall, Zenfold is a fun little game that is simple to start but at times is devilishly fun. It was hard to put down until I finished each world in the free-to-play worlds. If you are a puzzle fan or a fan of origami, Zenfold is a fun distraction and maybe even worth the paid-for levels as well. The price will certainly not break anyone’s bank.

About the Author:

Mitchell Cole is the Owner/Founder of Kansas City-based FANatics Gaming & Entertainment, an independent, digital publishing & distribution gaming company which offers game reviews and a complimentary digital magazine. Read more about them in “Putting the Fan in FANatics.”

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